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Family Medicine

Our family clinic utilizes a person-focused medical approach that provides individualized healthcare for your specific needs. We focus on the whole-person concept and believe that establishing a provider-patient relationship is necessary to best learn and then provide the care you need for optimal health and wellness.


Providing this level of care is made simpler because you have options! Whether you have insurance or no insurance we are able to work with you to meet your needs. At Adair Family Clinic your health and wellness are important to us and we strive to work with you to address your individual concerns to get you back to feeling your best!  

We do take select insurance plans and also have a monthly membership plan that allows us to meet your needs directly if you don't have insurance or choose to save it for when you feel you need it most. 

Concierge Medicine Membership Program

Enrolling in our concierge medicine clinic is easy. All you have to do is choose from any one of our monthly membership plans, complete the enrollment process and begin receiving care!


Our gold and platinum membership plans take it one step further with our spa credit that can be used towards any medspa service. Plus! This spa credit can be banked up to one year for the ultimate spa treat! 


Not ready to commit to a monthly membership? No problem! Single appointment visits are available! Just call 602-567-7856! 


  • $50 Per Month

  • 2 Clinic Visits a Month


  • $99 Per Month

  • 3 Client Visits a Month

  • $25 Spa Credit


  • $150 Per Month

  • UNLIMITED Visits a Month

  • $50 Spa Credit

Family Plan

  • 4 Members

  • 3 Clinic Visits a Month Per Member

  • $15 a Month for each additional member age 12-26

Single Visit Appointments

  • $75 Per Visit

  • Lab, Imaging, pharmaceutical/Prescription at wholesale or negotiated pricing

  • No insurance required

Insurance Plans Accepted

  • United Health

  • Blue Cross Blue Shield

  • Aetna


  • BBB Accredited

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