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As Kris continued to work with her patients she focused on those specific disease and health issues and learned the best health management recommendations and skin therapies that would support optimal recovery and resolution to her patients skin concern!  

Kris is also an Air Force veteran with over 22 years of active military service. She partially accredits her extended knowledge of skin and the desire for good skincare to her military  tours  to Saudi Arabia and South Korea as she learned the desire for healthy skincare is universal.  Now retired, MSgt Adair's unwavering commitment,  dedication and service is steadfastly focused on her patients health and skin needs. 


Our History, begins with Kris, FNP-BC

Armed with only an idea, and the hope of bridging the connection between skin health and wellness, Kris set out to create a model concept that focused on not just your skin health but also the wellness and internal health connection to your skin. 

With the knowledge that she gained during nursing, graduate school and engaging with patients, she realized there was a bigger issue that was directly limiting her patients ability to achieve good skin health which was unmanaged disease or health conditions. Once those conditions improved, so did their skin. 


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Kris believes your skin is a reflection of your internal heatlh and says the best way to take care of your skin is to address any internal disruptions that could be causing skin issues like digestive issues, chronic diseases like diabetes and heart disease. By creating a health focused skincare plan and treating these conditions from the inside your skin will reveal a glowing reflection of your internal balance with healthy radiant skin.


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Kris, FNP-BC, RN - Nurse Practitioner/Co-Owner

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Dony - HR Director/Co-Owner

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Dr. Armendariz - Body Contouring Physician