Pink Hormones FAQ's

Oct 12, 2023
Pink Hormones

Review commonly asked questions about Pink Hormones and how it can help you on your hormone journey.

FAQs About Pink Hormones


What is Pink Hormones?

    • Pink Hormones is a program dedicated to providing support, information, and solutions for women dealing with hormone imbalances. We offer medical evaluation, medication management for hormone imbalance, resources, a community, and services to empower women on their hormone health journey.

What conditions does Pink Hormones address?

    • Pink Hormones focuses on a range of hormone-related conditions, including thyroid disorders, PCOS (Polycystic Ovary Syndrome), endometriosis, perimenopause, and menopause.

What services does Pink Hormones offer?

    • Pink Hormones provides a variety of services, including individualized hormone management, second opinion evaluations, educational information, personalized nutrient supplementation, bio-identical hormone therapy, community forums, appointment scheduling, and access to our comprehensive guide on hormone imbalances.


How can I connect with others in the Pink Hormone community?

    • As we understand hormone imbalance is a delicate and sensitive issue, our Pink Hormone community is a closed community that requires verification and subscription to join. This allows members to ask questions and participate freely without fear or unease and be among like-minded individuals seeking help and support for their hormone related concerns. 
    • Additionally this community is moderated to maintain the safety and integrity of what the Pink Hormone community stands for 


How can I schedule an appointment with Pink Hormones?

    • You can schedule an appointment at Adair Family Clinic & Medspa, which is our partner clinic, through the link provided on our website.

Are the providers qualified in providing hormone therapy?

    • Yes! Our providers have received additional post-graduate training and certification in hormone imbalance management that allows them to provider hormone therapy in a variety of ways to include: BIHRT creams, lozenges, pills, pellets, supplemental management, thyroid supplement, medical support along with dietary considerations.  


Is Pink Hormones' book available for preorder?

    • Yes, our comprehensive guide to understanding hormone imbalance is available for preorder. You can find more information on how to preorder on our website.

Can I purchase Pink Hormone merchandise?

    • Yes, we offer a range of Pink Hormone merchandise, including clothing and accessories. You can shop for our merchandise through the link provided on our website.

Do you offer one-on-one consultations for hormone health?

    • Yes, we provide personalized consultations to help you understand and address your specific hormone health needs. You can schedule a consultation with our experts.

Is Pink Hormones a secure and reputable resource?

    • Absolutely. Our program is created by Kris Adair, family nurse practitioner and certified hormone therapy specialist. This program is backed by research and medical data and extensive knowledge of hormone imbalance.