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Bad Girl Facial


Bad Girl Juice Injection

(Buy one Get one 50% OFF)



"For those that like to entertain..."

These menu items are only available on the secret menu at these discounted prices and are NOT available on our regular service menu. If a request is made for service without using the exact service name it will not be entertained.

Athletic Pole Dancer


Free private consultation to discuss treatment options because you’re not sure what you need but you need it now.



“Get Out”


Dermaplane & Go facial – hydrating, deep cleansing, fast and efficiently quick facial so you can glow and go!

“Cuz you don’t have time today!”


“Stay Up”


Vitamin Boost injection–B-12, Zinc, Glutathione and B-complex

“Cuz I’m trying to get crunk!”


“Mask Off”


25 min Dermaplane facial with hydrating mask


“I’m in love with a…”


Vitamin C peel facial with skin brightening treatment

“Cuz I want to glow b*tch”!


Feel better B*tch


IV immune and energy-boosting infusion

“Cuz I feel like Sh*t!


“Bleach Booty”


Anal or vaginal bleaching treatment to brighten and even the most delicate skin.


“That’s suspicious”


STD check with antibiotic injection and Rx medication

--30-minute medical visit with examination, IM ABX and prescription RX if needed

"Cuz that doesn't look right!"


“That’s Weird”


Feeling sick, have rashes, wounds or any unknown illness that needs checking – Medical evaluation, treatment and Rx medication if needed

--30-minute medical visit with examination, and prescription RX if needed

"Cuz that doesn't feel right!"




Brazillian wax with exfoliating hydrojelly mask + LED light

--45-minute treatment starting with waxing, followed by gentle topical cleanse and exfoliation to pelvic triangle followed by hydrating hydrojelly mask and LED light application for 10-15 minutes. Once complete facial day lotion application.

"Cuz Cardi said..."


“WAP 2.0”


Brazilian laser hair removal with vagacial & hydro jelly mask + LED light


"I'm a Bad Girl"


A Facial experience like no other! This is a detoxifying, deep cleansing, hydrating, pore refining, skin plumping alcohol-laced facial treatment! Must be 21+ to receive! Includes BadGirl vitamin injection.

*Bad Girl Juice Injection (Buy one Get one 50% OFF) - $55/Injection


"Baby Phat"


Weight loss visit + 15-day weight loss supplement


"Big Baby Phat"


Weight loss visit + 30- day weight loss supplement


Lip Smack


Custom lip enhancement with 1ml Restalyne filler at lowest price!

*Restalyne 1ml filler, can be blended with PRF 1 tube for extra hydration – additional $99 “So they can kiss my…”


Boss up


PRP breast lift – provides a subtle breast enhancement and addresses creapy skin between breast

--4 PRP tubes drawn and injected in décolleté for hydration and subtle lift


"Large and in Charge"


P-Shot (penis) to enhance girth and increase the intimate experience with your partner "Cuz he's..."


“I’m Getting Ripped Tonight”

$700 or $1100

Restalyne filler and/or PRF to labia and vaginal wall - $700

-- Restalyne 1 syringe - $700 + 1 PRF tube - $1100


“Black Barbie”


Botox, lip enhancement and cheeks

--Botox 20 units, Restalyne 1 syringe, Restalyne Defyne - 1 syringe




Jawline, cheek, lip fillers and foxy eye thread lift

"So you can look like that Bit*h"!


“Ms. Jackson”


Restoration treatment for the seasoned woman – vaginal PRP, O-shot, midface PDO threadlift, lips

--PRP x 2 tubes, PDO x 4, Restalyne 1 syringe


“Bad and Boujee”


facial work - lips, brow lift, cheeks, jawline

--Restalyne 1 syringe, Restalyne Lyft x 2 (cheek & jawline), PDO brow lift x 2


“…Like a IG Model”


Foxy eye PDO threadlift, Lip enhancement, cheeks and Jawline

--PDO threads x 4, Restalyne 1 syringe, Restalyne Lyft x 2




Full face PDO thread lift to lift sagging skin!

Cuz you are that B*tch!


"Look At Me Now"


SkinTight procedure to abdomen, sides and back to tighten loose skin and enhance your body's curves

($500 for each additional area)

Cuz ur getting paper!


“Buss It”


Sculptra injections to hip dips for rounder, contoured look

--6 vials of sculptra injected into hip dips to correct volume loss.


Big Booty Brenda


HD body contouring with fat removal from abdomen, flanks with fat transfer to butt

Add SkinTight for $1500!


“No limit”

$5000 minimum

Whatever, let’s do it! – (Botox, fillers, injectables etc.)

--Can mix and match treatment to be performed. Minimum requirement is 5K

"Cuz you don't have time for multiple treatments.


"I'm a Savage"


HD 360 with BBL & SkinTight plus Botox to forehead , lip enhancement, PDO facelift, vaginal rejuvenation and O-shot!

"Cuz we're gone to do this today and that's it!"


You Are Now A Bad Girl

Congratulations! You are now empowered with knowledge that only a few people have. Feel free to hold on to it or share it only with individuals you deem worthy of this information they may benefit from the services we have listed.

How to schedule your appointment

Booking Portal

1. Click BOOK NOW to navigate to the self-service appointment booking system.


2. Select S.M. from the dropdown menu next to 'visit type'


3. Select office location from the dropdown menu.


4. In the 'Reason for Visit' put the name of the service that you want performed. *Please be exact!


5. Enter your name, email and phone number.


6. Select your appointment date and time.


7. Click green 'Submit appointment request button' at the bottom of the page.

What happens next?

A client specialist will call you to confirm your appointment and review the service selected.

A deposit is required for all booked appointments. The client specialist can take deposits over the phone at the time of all appointment confirmations or can be paid in-person, Zelle, Cashapp, etc.

*Appointments not confirmed with a deposit are subject to cancellation.

*Payment plans and financing available!


Why a Secret Menu?

A secret menu allows the opportunity to provide unique treatments and services to an audience that enjoys an exciting aesthetic experience.

Will this menu ever change?

The secret menu can change at any time so take advantage of the special services while their listed!

Can I share the secret menu?

The only way people will learn about this secret menu is if you share so share with as many individuals as you like!

Can I talk about or post about the secret menu on social media?

You can post about the secret menu on your social media page but like any great secret, we can neither confirm nor deny that the secret menu exists!

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