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Preoperative Services

You made the big decision to go forward with surgery, we're here to make sure you have the support you need in the preoperative and post recovery period. 

Preoperative Clearance

Cosmetic surgery & plastic surgery are real surgeries! It's important to have your health checked prior to undergoing these major procedures. Complete all the necessary preoperative medical requirements from physical examination, lab work and more and we'll help you get ready for the procedure!

Medical Weight loss Management

Need to lose weight before your procedure? We have medically supervised weight loss options to help get you ready! 

Medication Management

Have a medical condition that requires medication management? Do you need preoperative medications filled in preparation for your procedure? Schedule a medical visit with us and we can evaluate, treat and prescribe these for you! 

Preoperative Orders Support

Does your surgeon have specific requirements you have to complete before your big day and you're not sure what to do? We can help with that too!

Post Operative Support

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Surgical Followup

Need medical follow up after your surgery? We can help! Schedule a medical visit with us and we can assist during your surgical recovery.

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Anti-inflammatory Injections

Swelling after surgery can be uncomfortable, especially if it sticks around longer than expected. We have Tordol, Kenalog and antioxidant injections available to help. Schedule a medical visit with our provider to see which one is right for. 

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Drain Removal

Did you have drains placed and need them removed? Schedule a medical visit with us and our provider can assess and remove them! 

Dentist Equipment

Infection Management

Are you experiencing increasing pain, drainage, redness or fevers? These could be signs of a post surgical infection. Schedule a medical visit and our provider can assess and prescribe antibiotics, wound management and more! 

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IV hydration & Vitamin Therapy

Expedite your recovery with our custom vitamin and wellness infusions designed to support wound healing, immunity and hydration!

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Wound Care

Sometimes caring for surgical wounds can be uncomfortable or down right stomach turning. Schedule a wound care visit with our provider and we can help ensure your wounds heal properly.

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Suture Removal

Do you have stitches that need to be removed? Schedule a medical visit with us and our provider can remove them for you!

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Scar Therapy

Scars are common after surgery. We have post surgical treatment options to reduce scarring or even treat unsightly scars with PRP injections, laser resurfacing and more! Schedule a consultation to discuss! 

Cost Breakdown

Medical Visit - $75

Schedule a medical visit for preoperative clearance, post surgical after care checkups, suture removals, drain removals medication or infection management. Followup appointments available at discounted rate.

Nurse visit - Follow up/Wound care - $25-$50

After you've met with out provider, followup visits can be scheduled with out nurse for wound care and post surgical surgical support.

Suture removal/Drain removal - $75-$300

These procedures can be performed during your provider visit at an added cost.

IV infusion & Wellness support - $75-$200/treatment

Let us know how you're feeling and we'll create a custom IV push or IV cocktail to help get you recover faster!

Scar therapy - $150-$500/treatment

Scar treatments can include PRP injections, subcision, microneedling, laser or a custom treatment plan. Schedule a consultation!  

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