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Medically Supervised Weight Loss Program

We understand there is no "one-size fits all" when it comes to weight loss. In fact it can be challenging and overwhelming when you begin a weight loss routine or program and that by itself can be enough of a set back from achieving real progress.

That's why we've customized our weight loss program and tailored it to meet your individual goals with the ability to adapt to your needs as you lose weight or adjust your lifestyle to healthier habits. 

All treatments begin with a consultation and are then followed by a history and physical evaluation, labs and additional testing if needed.

Once you're cleared to begin, treatment includes a variety of options from fat burning injections, diet selection and meal planning with the option of adding in prescription weight loss medications or even hormone balancing! 

Whatever ever you decide, we will be here to help you achieve your goals! 

Prescription medication options

Excellent tools!

When selected appropriately, prescription weight loss medication is a helpful tool in losing weight! 

Here are just a few we can choose from! 

Change as you go!

As you lose weight, these medications can be adjusted or change to maximize your weight loss! 

Come See us!

Let's talk about which medication may be right for you!

Weight Loss Medications

Phentermine, Wegovy (Semaglutide), Saxenda, Qsymia, Mounjaro

Is It Right For Me?


  • The plan is personalized for your body, health, and goals

  • Supervised by a physician

  • Health and progress are measured and monitored

  • Includes diet, nutritional, and exercise programs

  • Strategies are clinically validated and proven

  • Provides 1-on-1 support, counseling, and lifestyle tips

  • Helps you create permanent, positive life changes and habits

Who is a good candidate?

We successfully treat women and men who:


  • Are between the ages of 18 – 65

  • Haven’t seen results with diet and exercise

  • Have a BMI (body mass index) of 30 or higher

  • Have a BMI of 27 or higher with an associated weight-related condition (diabetes, heart disease, etc.)

  • Need to lose 20 or more pounds

  • Are ready to make permanent positive life changes

What Can I Expect?

To help you lose weight, our team will work with you to offer customized eating plans, workout routines, simple lifestyle changes, counseling, and more based on you as an individual. We’ll provide support and motivation to help you keep going on the hard days, as well as overcome any setbacks. Our goal is to help you develop a positive mindset about weight loss so you can successfully achieve your goals.

What makes medical weight loss different from a traditional diet plan?

While normal diet plans are built to cater to a wide number of people, our weight loss treatments are personally created to suit the specific needs of your body. Additionally, your results will be complemented with nutritional supplements and monitored using techniques such as metabolic testing and diagnostics.

Are the treatments safe?

One of the greatest benefits of medical weight loss is its safety. While adhering to a normal diet or exercise plans may accidentally leave your body lacking in certain nutrients, our plans are designed with you in mind. Our regular check-ups ensure that if your body needs any changes, we can identify the issues and alter the plan accordingly.

Does medical weight loss work?

When patients stick to their prescribed plan and take their supplements regularly, they usually tend to experience remarkable results. However, patients must be willing to adhere to their plans in order to achieve the outcomes they desire. If not, it will likely impact the significance of their results.

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